Pastor Raphael Obi

A controversial man of God identified as pastor Pastor Raphael Obi has been arrested for ‘alleged gross misconduct, suckling of women’s breasts and engaging victims in marathon sex in the guise of deliverance’.

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Popularly referred to as Pastor Sharp Sharp by his congregants, the pastor told the police that he has cured a number of diseases including cancer by suckling breasts of women. He claimed that he was anointed by God to prevent women from dying.

“I received this call from God and I have delivered many women in the past.”

According to a local blog, the man of the cloth was arrested by the police while performing the heinous act in the name of deliverance on the wife of a member of his church.

Here are the reactions from social media

Xian Chi: A woman who visits a so-called man of God and surrenders her breasts to be sucked or laid is at fault. It is obvious that the Sport of God cannot be involved in such wickedness. Some women should grow some sense.

Bernard Ajuzie: If true, the foolish pastor is taking advantage of women who feel condemned by terminal diseases. Period!

Hon Godstime Nwaigwe Ikeoma: Some women do many things especially those looking for the fruit of the womb. Somebody took her down there.

Patrick Frank: Cheiiiii!!! Wonders shall never cease to end

GodLiveth Chukwudi Onuegbu: Some women can sink so low. I wonder

Peter M Ojigbo: And women are giving him their breasts to suck… Women! Women!! Women!!! What’s your problems??? They are so fribble and mindless…

Oyewole Fasehun: Mother sucker

Adeola Oyelade: So gullible in the name of religion.

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Osakwe A Osakwe: He is not a criminal at all at all.These church-going women are chicken brains.Let dupes like this one teach them lesson.How can sucking breast deliver them? I’m sure some even suck John Thomas

Such cases are rampant in Africa.

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