Nick Mutuma is not really enjoying fatherhood.

Rumours that he was soon to be a father hit the airwaves with no confirmation whatsoever. When baby Dua was born, we saw Nick Mutuma finally addressing the rumours that he is a father to Bridget Shighadi’s baby.

He posted for a photo of the baby with the caption Dua and a love heart, then reposted a picture of Bridget holding the baby in an airplane on her first ever trip.

Bridget Shighadi and Nick Mutuma

Bridget had also hidden her pregnancy for quite some time despite all her pictures on Instagram.

It’s an exciting thing when you find out you’re a parent especially when you see the face of the baby. Many mothers say the pain is unbearable but the sight of your bouncing baby just kills the pain instantly.

Some fathers shed tears in the delivery room while others cry and others can barely stand being in there: They collapse.

Nick Mutuma's baby mama

Nick Mutuma is one of those rare fathers who stick around in the delivery room to just get the first glance of their product.

Well, despite that, Nick Mutuma’s imagination has been crushed. He took to social media with a post celebrating 4 months of baby Dua but he regrets that he has not been present in her growth.

He envisioned meeting his baby after a long time full of smiles and happiness but it was the exact opposite. When Nick held baby Dua, she completely broke down.

Nick Mutuma

Nick considers himself a stranger to his own baby.

Its been almost 4 months since I last saw Dua, and how I imagined our reunion was very different from the reality. I thought she’d see me, and think ‘hey you’re that guy from the delivery room’ and we would both smile and hug it out…But I picked her up, and we had a little stare down which was followed by a complete breakdown…by her. I was/ am a stranger to her

Nick Mutuma

This does not mean all hope is lost for Nick Mutuma, he says he will actively be in his daughter’s life even though he is a busy guy trying to hustle for his first baby and many more to come.

😕 BUT we’re getting to know each other again. We’ll figure this out together. S/o all the dads out there hustling hard for their kids. Let’s not forget to be present. 

All this is probably because Nick is at the peak of his career months after he finished his course in school and he is now free to go back to what he loves; acting.

This is a sharp contrast to what we see from Tedd Josiah who probably spends 24 hrs with his baby girl, Jay. He is not as active as he was in the production industry but he has to be there for Jay as he is a single father.

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ION(In Other News): Nick Mutuma and Bridget need to show us baby Dua’s face, I am sure she looks like a gem.

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