Size 8
Size 8

Award-winning gospel artiste Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 has opened up about her humble family background while living in Nairobi’s Eastlands Estate of Maringo.

The singer, known for her hit single Mateke, is expecting her second child with husband DJ Mo.

In a past interview, Size 8 revealed how hard it was for her family to make ends meet, and how, at one point, they had to steal to survive.

“I was born and raised in Nairobi’s Eastlands estate of Maringo. As a family, we were so poor that we lacked enough food. We used to steal neighbour’s chicken because we couldn’t afford to buy any. We stole water and electricity too. My parents couldn’t even afford to buy me sanitary pads. And I had to find alternatives.”  Size 8 

Just like many other artistes out there, Size 8 did not simply jump or fly to where she is today. It took long years of hard work before she could finally be recognized and given a chance as an upcoming artiste.

“I became so heartbroken after many radio presenters failed to play my CD. I used to stalk them and they hated me for it. People criticised my videos but I never gave up. Everybody who I told about my ideas just laughed at me.” said Size 8.

After all that struggle, things worked out for Size 8. She is the go-to artistes if you want to reach the mummy market. She endorses two brands and is paid well for it.

She tops charts and together with her hubby, DJ Mo they run the family business which is a beauty parlour and carwash located on Dennis Pritt Road.