Ladies, would you kneel down when serving food to your man?

Well, a popular singer by the name 9ice has gone ahead to reveal the issues with modern marriages and why marriages are not for this generation, comments that have since gone viral.

The renowned Nigerian artiste was speaking to TV personality Funmi Iyanda, and during the interview, they spoke about his broken marriage.

Funmi questioned him about his first wife, and whether he was planning to get married again, and in the process, 9ice denied settling down anytime soon, revealing the problem with modern marriages.


I’m single but I’m not searching because it’s not part of my priority right now. I have dealt with this topic so many times and people just tend to take the negative side of it, but it’s like they don’t understand what I’m saying because they are not in my shoes.

9ice continued:

Marriage is not for this generation. I have my reasons for saying that because, as a Nigerian, as a Yoruba man, there are some cultures and traditions that you’re being taught when you’re being brought up as a man. You want the same thing from your wife, but, you’re not going to get it from today’s woman.

Because then we had exposure. They are the ones that sent us to school. And I still want my woman to serve me food and kneel down. Who’s going to do that for me now


The Living Things hitmaker went on to add:

But you’re not going to get that as a man, so we today’s men, we need to get that into our thick skull, that you’re are not going to get the same thing your mom is giving to your dad. You’re are going to get something different because who you’re are getting married to is quite different from your mom. But we are not ready. That’s why you see this generation are losing marriages, six months and it’s dissolved.

9ice went to advise people to get married for the right reasons and because of societal pressure. He also warned couples not to go through with their marriages if they become uncertain before walking down the aisle.

Before you go to the altar, like five to ten minutes, your mind will be telling you that this thing is not going to work. It happened to me. So we should hundred percent get married for what will make you happy.