Gospel artiste Nicah the Queen has expressed her desire to get married again, after she broke up with her comedian husband Dr Ofweneke.

According to Nicah the heartbreaks she has faced in the past were just a passing mist.

I thank God for all the heartbreaks I have experienced, for all the pain and rejection I have faced.

But guess what, I still want to love and be under someone, I still want to look up to and follow someones footsteps.

Dr. Ofweneke

I still want to submit and be someone’s wife. I still want to pray for someone and love them without condition.

I still want to be someone’s best friend and hide their nakedness,” she wrote.

In a radio interview last year, Dr Ofweneke disclosed that after the breakup with the mother of his daughter, they both moved on with their lives.

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Adding that he was already dating.

‘What I am sure is, I will marry soon and I am dating someone special,” Dr Ofweneke said.

Despite the break-up, Dr Ofweneke co-parents with his ex-wife, with whom they are good friends.

“We maturely decided to have an environment where our daughters, Faith, 7 and Debbie, 4 are comfortable. So sometimes the girls live with their mum, other times they come to my place. I take them out.

Dr Ofweneke daughter

We are good as co-parents. I make sure that we talk every day with my daughters.”