Bridget Shighadi hid her pregnancy and we woke up to a surprise that she had given birth to Nick Mutuma’s baby girl. Okay the rumours were there but we needed a confirmation and when she finally announced she had birthed, we fell in love with their baby girl Dua.

Bridget Shighadi baby girl
Bridget Shighadi baby girl

Bridget has embraced motherhood and she is playing that role quite well. She posted a picture from when she had her baby bump, glowing, appreciating the feeling Dua gives her. Bridget confesses that it is the greatest blessing she has ever received that sometimes she is forced to pinch herself because she can’t believe it.

I still have to pinch myself once In a while

Bridget Shighadi 

Raising you and watching you grow is so far the greatest blessing ever.I still have to pinch myself once In a while because I can’t believe this is really happening. 😍

Ball ni ya nani? Nick Mutuma’s ex Bridget Shighadi shows us first photo of her baby bump


Bridget’s friends, fans and fellow mothers could not hold back their lovely messages to congratulate her as she takes up a new journey in her life. Here are a few comments:

Foli:🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍 owww bri bri so cute

Jamie: Congratulations Bridget. …

Clara: Motherhood is such a blessing

Cynthia: Always stunning 😍

Ungems:Congratulations girl

Mandy: Beautiful mama❤️

From comments under Bridgets picture you could tell she is a role model to many. Well, congratulations to her as she take up this new journey and we wish her nothing but the best.