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Zari Hassan was a woman in love.

She loved bongo heartthrob Diamond Platnumz and wanted to build a life with him.

But Diamond was a rolling stone, gathering no moss. Whatsoever!

Zari made up her mind to dump him two years ago on Valentine’s Day.

In an interview Zari Hassan gave BBC back in 2018 after she dumped Diamond on Instagram, she said, 3 weeks before Valentines she had made up her mind.

“For three to four weeks we were not talking, so when Valentine’s Day came, I had digested everything within the three weeks and I knew that relationship was not for me.”

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What pushed Zari over the cliff were photos of Diamond with his ex, Wema Sepetu kissing and hugging at a public event.

“I mean, we were trying to see how we can move from the scandal ya kuwacha amepata mtoto (with Hamisa Mobetto) so we can move forward. But unanona vile sijui anakumbatiana huko na ma ex kwenye public. Vitu za kunizalilisha, vitu za kunifanya niwe very disrespected na watoto wangu yet unaona tuu, it is not right.”

She continued, “To be honest, his video with the ex ilitoka and I tried to ask. That was the morning before. Alafu, kila ukiuliza mtu anakua na story mingi, hapo hapo nikadecide kumblock kabisa from my contacts because ukiwa unatrust mtu, umempa maisha yako, lakini wewe anakuchukulia kawaida na anazidi kukuzalilisha.”

“He does things and thinks it is okay with him but he is not thinking about you or the outcome. Hapo ndio nikasema you know what? We are done,” Zari added.

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Now, Zari posted an excerpt from a book written by Kira J titled Breaking Point. In the book, the author says,

“…You will never win with him. Why? Because bad men are not prizes. You can stay with him, have a bunch of children, marry him etc but you are still lost.” 

Her advice to women who are going through similar situations is that they should never settle for being the main but the only girl in their life.

The author of the book, Kira J on her Facebook wrote,

“If you find yourself trying to prove that he loves you to the women he’s cheated on you with, you lost 😞 Don’t trip tho queen. We’ve all been there!”

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Here are the pages that Zari shared on her instastory – they were also shared by the author on her Facebook page promoting the sale of the book.

Zari book Zari book

Zari posted the same on her Insta stories saying,

“Idk who needs to hear this but you are not winning anything with him.”

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