Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara is a great example of hard work pays.

The sexy TV siren, who prefers a low life away from the limelight, is giving her counterparts a run for their money.

Yvonne Okwara has created a name for herself in the flooded media industry and just like many other personalities who have moved from the pits to the palace, she also has a story to tell.

The 35-year-old lady has revealed that her first job was a waitress and earned sh150.

“First job was at Walker’s Restaurant at Reinsurance Plaza. Waitress. Earned 150bob a day!” Okwara tweeted.

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Yvonne Okwara’s revelation has left many surprises and just like they say, life is a journey.

Okwara’s follower on Twitter who goes by the name Disco Volante responded to her tweet and he wrote:

“The trenches in hospitality can be unforgiving! 150 Bob, hii Nairobi?!”

The sultry media personality went ahead to explain how she would stay till late to clean up the restaurant.

“I know, right? Restaurant opened at 9am. We had to be in at 7am. Closed at 8pm. Stayed till 10pm to clean up. All for 150bob. But I learned a lot. To respect wait staff and dealing with people! Smile goes a long way. Earned more in tips this way!”

Responding to another follower, Yvonne Okwara says that hard work and humility is key.

“Mungu ni mkubwa. Hard work. Humility. Passion. Plus using every opportunity to learn is what is key. There is a lesson in everything.”

The senior CItizen news presenter is married and has in the past interviews talked about her marriage to an older man and late brother.

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