sean Andrew

Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew is well known to city women as one of the hottest and sexiest lads in town. Yes, man’s hot.

But one question that has stayed unanswered for a while now is why he’s not abroad like any other politician’s son. Yes, those that ran to other countries opting for greener pastures.

Well, Andrew seems to be shutting them down…Real hard! He has come out to reveal the reason why he sticks to his beautiful country.

“Why I stayed in Kenya, there’s so much to see, taste and enjoy in our country.
Sure you can travel aboard and find new things, but nothing tastes as good as anything kenyan made.
What’s your favourite place to be in Kenya?”

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The rich kid came into the limelight after Mpasho introduced him as one of the most handsome politician’s offsprings.

This was after he made a touching tribute to the late Mama Lucy Kibaki, who was lovingly his grandmother.

Since then, city women have been flooding his social media with love.

sean andrew