Everyone has that one person they look up to. For actress Yasmin Saeidi who is famous for her role as maria in the popular TV soap, it is news anchor Lulu Hassan.

Yasmeen is Muslim and the way Lulu carries herself resonated with her.

Not once did she ever dream she would meet her role model until she was cast on Maria as the lead character.

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Actress MariaThe show is shot by Jiffy Productions a company owned by Lulu and her husband Rashid Abdalla.

Yasmeen spoke True Love about her first encounter with Lulu Hassan.

“Imagine my surprise in meeting my biggest role model, Lulu Hassan. It was bizarre, I wanted to scream.”


“It has always been my dream to even just wave at her from a distance, and here I was, in her production, working with her. Blew my mind.”

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Maria makeupYasmin narrated,

“Funny story, the day before I met her I was stalking her. Literary stalking her on the gram. Mungu ni Nani (Who is God). She has always been that person I have looked up to as a woman and as a Muslim woman making it in the industry. I draw so much inspiration from her.”

Lulu is also fond of Yasmeen. On her birthday, she penned a heartwarming message for her.

She wrote, “I wondered today what to say to you. I thought long and hard what you tell a young girl who is selfless, hardworking, a giver, a joy to be around. What does one say to someone with such resilience, such power, the discipline you display makes me wonder, what if we had more and more of Yasmines around us?

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Maria actressThen it hit me. Your name, Yasmine is a flower. You blossom and refresh. You give so much of yourself it is hard to ignore your presence. There is a way you make life so effortless on and outside of the set.

You, Yasmine, you are destined for great heights. And I will be here to hold you, to walk with you. I am here if you ever need me.

Lulu concluded, “On this day as you turn a day older, do not forget what you are. A flower. May your blossom always be as bright, may you always know sufficient grace as you turn a year older.”

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