Sheldi talks about skin lightening
Sheldi talks about skin lightening

Sheldi, a Kenyan musician-cum-model has disclosed that he spent Sh165 million on skin lightening.

He’s the second Kenyan to spend millions on skin lightening after socialite Vera Sidika.

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The ‘I Need You More’ singer, who is never afraid of speaking his mind, stated that he hired three physicians from different countries, who manufactured a special body cream just for him.

“Yes, I did skin brightening. I spent 165 Million Kshs (Kenyan Shillings) it’s a lot of money but I achieved what I wanted. My skin brightening process took place in the United States, but I thank God it was successful,” Sheldi wrote in part.

The controversial singer claims that he holds the copyright to the cream and no one else can use it without his permission.

“The media and bloggers have always published my pictures with headlines like, ‘KENYAN MUSICIAN AND MODEL HAS BLEACHED HIS SKIN’ but they’re all wrong, what I did is skin brightening.

I had to hire three physicians, one from China, the other one from London, and my main physician from New York City. They manufactured a special body cream just for me, and it’s my copyright. No one else uses the cream, unless with my permission and authority.”

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Here are photos of Sheldi after skin lightening









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