Kenyan artiste Gilad Milo has said one of the reasons he quit smoking and drinking was because he has done it for years and it was costing him a lot.

Before venturing full time into music Gilad was an Israel Diplomat. Speaking about his life and music during an interview with Betty Kyallo he said.

‘I was never a big drinker but, I still have a beer once in a while I no longer drink every time I go out.

The main reason why I quit smoking was because I used to smoke 40 cigarettes in a day (2 packets) for 30 plus years.

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Gilad Milo and Naiboi

Back in the day if I went up the stair like we did now I would be coughing and puffing. IT was not a beautiful life.’

Gilad said that before agreeing to a meeting he had to consider how easy it would be to access cigarettes.

‘I would only plan meetings in places where I knew I could get a cigarette. Right now it feels like being born again. My mum made me quit ,she has been on my case for so long.

ONe days she just decided to pay Ksh 100,000 for a seminar. I told her she was just wasting her money as I would not quit. I just could not imagine myself doing so. When at the seminar I calculated how much I had spent on smoking.’

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Gilad went on to add that by the time he stopped smoking he had smoked down a whole house.

‘I spent approximately 15-20 million on cigarettes, I was not a big drinker so leaving drinking came easy so now I drink juice. It’s boring but you get used to it.’

smoking-weedWe checked out how much a packet of cigarettes is in Israel. The current price of a pack of

  1. Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Red cigarettes is NIS 35-36

2. A packet of 10 packs costs NIS 350.

3. A pack of Parliament cigarettes costs NIS 38.50,

4. Next rolling tobacco costs NIS 42.50

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giladIsrael currency is Shekel and 1 Shekel is Ksh 29 that means if, for example, Gilad was taking Next Rolling Tobacco (which could cost Ksh 1257 per packet) that would mean he spent Ksh 1257 *2 = 2514

A year has 365 days so Ksh 2514*365 = 917,610

Ksh 917 ,610 *30 = 27,528,300

So yes he did indeed spend millions on cigarettes.

Gilad’s most celebrated songs include ‘Sema Milele’  and ‘Unajua’ Featuring Wendy Kimani.

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His latest songs are ‘Nisamehe’ featuring Naiboi, check it out below as well as his the jam.

Gilad also collaborated on ‘Volume Iko Sawa’ with Nadda, Mtu Very, Damage, Shaddy, Angellera, Simpo, TGbuoy.

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