Comedian Omosh has explained how he got a scar on his face that almost cost his acting career.

This scar you see on my face is a consequence of using alcohol,’ he told Massawe on Radio Jambo.

I fell and got injured while drunk. Had I been sober, I would not have gotten this scar.
Even the director complained about this scar because he said in acting they sell our faces, now you have a scar kidogo utakuja bila meno.

Omosh revealed that he wasted over 15 years in the throes of alcoholism.

I regret my friends and wasting my life in alcohol. You do not eat well and so become emaciated and unhealthy all the time.

Speaking about what he regrets most, he said;

If I had someone who would have guided me like a counselor then I could be a better person today.

His advice to the youths is that;

If you are not using any drugs or alcohol please do not start using. You will try one day and regret like I am regretting. If you are using please sought out help. Alcohol does not build any day. Addiction is a disease and so if your siblings are addicted please help them go somewhere they can be helped.

Omosh is currently reformed after undergoing a three-month rehab.