An unapologetic city man has shocked many after revealing that he has smashed three blood sisters.

‘I have slept with three sisters and now the cousin wants me too. She has been asking me to invite her to my place coz she haS heard her cousins praising me. Is it that something is wrong with me or them? They all love sex. The first one tricked me to go visit her and we ended up having sex. The second one stole my number from the first one and after chatting with her, we met. tHE THIRD one got my contact from the first one. The last one introduced me to her cousin, who now wants us to have sex. She has been sending me nude photos and naughty texts. Should I go ahead and accept her offer?’ the man wrote.

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Chek out reactions from online users;

purplefeet_ Baba they are using your destiny, they will soon buy Benz oh😂

good_thug They want to keep it within the family😂😂

citydiva01 You need deliverance

paulutebor Oga you are their sex relief pill


claudiee_23 My man is living the good life but is scared of karma 😂😂😂. Don’t worry, it’ll come

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