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Cases of incest have been on the rise of late. Men and women sleeping with their close relatives seem to be a norm.

Is this a sign that the world is coming to an end?

A city man has been criticized heavily for revealing that he has been having an illicit affair with his girlfriend’s mother.

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The unapologetic man took to social media to narrate how used to sleep with his mother-in-law until he was caught red-handed in the act with his girlfriend.

My girlfriend’s mother is single and very sexy. She lured me into having sex with her every time her daughter was away at work. I recently moved out of her (mother-in-law) house but she used to come to my house and have sex as usual. But two days ago my girlfriend caught us in the act. I’m devastated and I don’t want to know what to do. I love my girlfriend but I also enjoy sleeping with her mother. My girlfriend has since gone silent on me. What should I do?

Check out reactions from social media users;

tinuoriflamer Haaaaa! Corona where are you?????? We have someone for you!

jhennyy On behalf of your girlfriend, God will punish you

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davidotieno May thunder fire you!

ladyemerald You’re either cursed or you are cursing yourself, either way, may God deliver us from this type of people

candy_posh Another episode of “Men will disgrace you”

doviesnaturi What rubbish is this? why is immorality so high in this century

og22ricca You are cursed 💯💯 🤮🤮🤮🤮 who raised you 🤢🤢🤢 your mom did a terrible job

evelynewanjiku7 Abomination! We’re indeed living in the end times

honey.ville You and your girlfriend’s mum should go inside the bush where wild animals live, that’s what you should do coz that’s exactly where you both belong.