A city woman has confessed that she’s sleeping with her sister-in-law’s husband.

The married woman, says her husband, who stays overseas asked his brother-in-law to take care of her when he’s away and they have been having an affair.

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She says she has aborted thrice and she’s doing this because she is lonely. She wrote

I don’t know what is wrong with me, I am sleeping with my sister in laws husband.
My husband leaves outside the country but comes in every 3 months,so he asked his elder sisters husband to look after me, the way it all started I can’t even remember. I have been pregnant for his 3 times and aborted but yet I keep going back to him. I feel so bad but I can’t stop because I am lonely. What do I do.

Check out the reactions:

princessroyalty Just 3months🙄smh, lonely indeed😂

sophieluvs Loneliness is not a priority for cheating, u can’t close ur leg for 3months,haba madam,go get a vibrator.

edeblueI can’t blame you but your husband that left you

inenny Madam you are a disgrace alone

olukoyataiwo Get busy, I guess you are too idle.

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demodahair Can’t you use protection even if you have decided to be the devils idleness headquarters?!

official_queene When your husband eventually catches you please kindly come back, I would then advice you

oluchi_pauline You need serious prayer and self discipline.

chizibel Keep it up. The lord is your strength

lovenicki See how people we trust betrays us

rickrudboy I don’t know how a man can hand his wife over to another man………….so one can be caretaker to someone’s wife 😒😒

sabistar See nonsense. There is nothing you can’t stop if you want to.

goziem_dinmaTerrible!! May God deliver you from this bondage you’re in. Amen.