Bahati in court

Singer Bahati was the reason why his court case against Peter Blessing on Tuesday was delayed.

Bahati is accusing Peter Blessing of obtaining Sh2 million by false pretences.

Bahati’s lawyers told the court that the reason he is late was that he has been sick and is still unwell.

The hearing was to start at 11 am but failed to as Bahati had not arrived in court.

They appeared before magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

Peter Blessing is said to have pretended he could produce music videos with the studios between July 4, 2019, which he denied in court last month.

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The case has been ongoing. On Tuesday, Bahati appeared after Blessing, through his lawyers, sought dismissal of the case.

The case was, however, pushed to April 9, when Bahati will testify alongside two other witnesses (Weezdom and the investigating officer).

Bahati had to appear physically since there is the likelihood of a case being dismissed if the complainant fails to appear for the hearing of a matter.

He was, therefore, required to be present on Tuesday as the hearing was commencing.

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Here are photos of Bahati in court.

Bahati in court

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