Akothee, her two daughters Vesha and Rue Baby and BFF (L)

Singer Akothee is never ashamed of her past. The mother of five always uses her past life experiences to encourage women who made mistakes and bad choices in life. Akothee has always admitted that she was a bad girl.

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Akothee recently shared a photo having a ‘drink’ with her daughters and she was criticised for that. She later came out to reveal that the reason as to why she serves them alcohol is because she doesn’t want any man to take advantage of them.

The Sweet Love hitmaker also revealed that back in her youthful days she would drink men’s alcohol and run away. In short, alikuwa mambo mbaya.

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I serve my own children alcohol so that no man will dangle a bottle of champagne on their faces and make it look like a very special drink to make one lower their panties. I used to drink men’s beers and run away 🤣🤣🤣 let it be free will if they mess up ,its me 🤣🤣’  She posted accompanied by the photo below.

Akothee, her two daughters Vesha and Rue Baby and BFF (L)

For once, Akothee’s fans supported her on this and reactions include;

Xheri Sherie Exactly mom! that what I do to my sister’s any time I go out for a drink I never live them behind en have seen it work they are like no man can take us for granted in the name of can i buy u a drink or can I take u out for a date

Maria Jayden Perfect

Soi Cate Chelang Somehow it makes sense, I told my girl ones she’s 18yrs old I’ll buy her myself, I’ll even take her out asione no big deal kupelekwa na mwanaume

Rozena Andari This reminds me of my late dad he used to call us and take us out coz we were not staying together but he was playing his role well as a dad,,, we could order roasted chicken, chipo and some soft drinks because all of us were not doing alcohol he could give us advises like nyathina atimo ma mondo kik wuondi gi sponsors jodongo ma mbesena ilu pesagi I still love you and miss you musician may your soul continue resting in peace😭😭😭

Abby Christy Njeri Akothee please adopt me.

Pacho Marore Great steps. That’s what my mum did. She used to take us out for jam sessions

Kizquid Nyarogendo Rioki My plan soon.n I’ll take her out for the first time won’t stand that someone has /will taken her.FYI I went out to a club at age 35 and I was staying alone from age 18 to marriage at 26

Bee Ma Ivy Dats very good, we also started drinking at a young age mimi ata unipe pombe gani sinanga tama

Sandy Naz I recall my first Smirnoff ice I was bought by my papa he took me out I enjoyed the music and drinks so no man can make me think buying me a drink is a big deal

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