Shaffie Weru

Popular media personality Shaffie Weru says he at one time unknowingly sent ‘fare’ to a Kamiti Maximum prison’s inmate assuming it’s a woman.

Speaking during a Mpasho Live interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Shaffie who is the programmes controller of Homeboyz Radio narrated,

‘I have sent fare so many times before I learnt. There is a time I sent fare kumbe nlitumia mtu ako kamiti ananyonga monkey.

Let no one lie to you, 99.9% of men have ever sent fare, But I have now learnt my lesson.’

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Asked on how he deals with girls constantly asking for fare, Shaffie said,

‘I have learnt to blue tick them or even block them. Sometimes you meet a nice lady and go the extra mile.

You tell her ‘pesa sio shida tumia yako ntarefund’ but they immediately get angry.

they respond back saying, ‘saa hii pesa yako kidogo ndio inafanya uringe? (This little cash you have is what is making you proud?).

You can smell their anger through the chat. Plus there are other girls who will ask for pizza, pesa ya salon, among other things.

On why he DM’s girls when he can easily approach one, he said,

‘When I am not very busy, or am feeling like I need some new flesh I slide into girls DM’s un-apologetically.’

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