A certain man has shocked netizens users after saying that he had sex with Willis Raburu’s newly wed wife Mary Ngami.

T he two lovebirds, who got engaged in February 18, 2017, exchanged vows on Friday May 5 at a private ceremony which was held in Runda.

Shortly after their nuptials, Raburu – who dabbles as the host of the 10/10 show on Citizen TV shared a photo of the beautiful Ngami on his social media pages.

As expected, many fans wrote congratulatory messages wishing to the couple wishing them all the best. However, some had cats that they wanted to let out of the bag.

Like this guy who claimed that he had sex with Ngami twice.

Others were not pleased that Raburu had settled for a Kikuyu lady, but that’s their problem not his, right?

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