Monica Kimani
The late Monica

The caretaker and the gardener of Lamuria Apartments where Monicah Kimani was murdered also testified on Wednesday.

Caretaker Reagan Buluku and gardener Stephen Wanjohi both narrated how they found Monica’s body.

The court heard that they were coming from lunch on September 20 and they met Monica’s brother George and his fiancée.

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George is alleged to have told Buluku to help him get into the house because his sister was not picking his calls and later the phone was switched off.

Buluku testified that when they reached her apartment, they heard the TV was on and water was running from a tap inside.

Buluku then told Wanjohi to bring a ladder so they could access the third-floor balcony and get into the house through the kitchen.

Wanjohi used the ladder to reach the balcony and entered the house through a window. He testified he could not see Monica anywhere and he was also looking for the keys so he could open the main door for the others.

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He said he went to the bedroom and he could not see anyone, just by scanning the house he could not see anyone. That’s when he decided to check the bathroom.

He saw Monica’s body lying in the bathtub and there were candles near the tub. Tap water was running on her body.

According to the caretaker and the gardener, both her hands and legs were tied and her throat had been slit, adding that there was blood around her neck.

Wanjohi screamed to the others outside the door, telling them to break it down as things were not good inside.

Buluku got equipment, they broke down the door and entered the house.

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