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A 24-year-old college student is paying for his sins after fornicating with three different women.

The young man has confessed that he recently found out he was infected with gonorrhea and he’s not sure which of the three women he bonked had it.

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He’s in a seven-year relationship and he doesn’t know how to break the bad news to his girlfriend. The man wrote to a relationship expert seeking advice and below is his story.

“I contracted gonorrhea from one stupid girl I met a few weeks back but I started seeing the symptoms two days ago. I didn’t know I was infected until today when I went to urinate outside. I had sex with this girl yesterday and when we finished its when this girl told me she had infections and accused me of infecting her but I know she is lying about it.

I recently settled with my babe of seven years last two weeks and we had sex on Friday night fill Saturday that was to weeks ago before I went back to school.

My issue now is I don’t know if I infected my girlfriend of 7 years too or she was the one that got me infected or it’s the stupid slay queen I bonked.

I had another babe too I had sex with this past week I don’t know if have infected her too. Please don’t blame me I don’t cheat but my girl of 7 years led me to this cheating and all, I’m in deep regret now and my main girlfriend is coming to visit me soon. We have been talking about how to have sex and my problems is I don’t know if she is infected too because I have started my treatment.

I need your advice please I beg you, how many days do these symptoms start showing I saw yellow discharge on my penis, its the first time I’m witnessing this please I’m only 24 years old. Can i still have sex with my main babe when she comes because I have broken up with the slay queen that infected me and the other woman I bonked. How do I tell my girlfriend we go for a test and treat herself too so we both can be safe?”

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What advice would you give this man?