J Blessing’s list of baby mamas increased by one after singer Laika, unwillingly revealed on a radio interview that she has a child with the TV producer. She is now 4-years-old.

Laika was being interviewed on Milele FM and she was asked about the paternity of her child.

“I was in a relationship with J Blessing but he left me. I was hurt, so I took a break,” she revealed

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The singer also revealed that J Blessing does not help in their child’s upbringing.

”Yes, he denied the pregnancy, I do not like talking about this issue. He helped for a while after the delivery but for now he does not do anything,” she added.

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In June, Laika for the first time revealed that she quit music because of postpartum depression.

“I got depressed after giving birth and I felt like I was under a lot of pressure. I most definitely needed a break,” she said

That was when Laika quit music for a while taking a hiatus to concentrate of her child and her well bieng. When her child turned four years old this year in September 23, Laika opened up about her feelings.

“On a day like today, you made your way into the world in style. I celebrate you baby girl and I want to tell you those favourite words… You’re my best friend. We always want the best for you. We will always celebrate you. And we will always show you how much we love you so you can love others with the same intensity.”

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In another post, Laika said,

“I remember praying for the things I have now.
I remember praying for a family.
I remember praying that I would go to university.
I remember praying that I would have a wonderful life partner.
I remember praying that I would travel the world.
I remember praying that I would be a good mother to my daughter. (I really try 😅) I take nothing for granted. I appreciate all the friends I have, I appreciate my family and most of all, I appreciate having this amazing daughter who is now turning 4 years old. Happy birthday baby girl, mummy and daddy love you so much! You brighten our lives with your smile and we wish you the very best in life 😍😍😍😍.”

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