In her second installment of her political web series dubbed The Hot Seat, media personality Jacque Maribe hosted leader of Senate Irungu Kangata.

The mover and shaker in the Senate, reminisced about his life in high school.

Kangata said,  “I regret some of the things I did in high school in particularly bullying.”

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“It was part of the school culture. I remember the kinds of things we used to tell the form ones to do. That is one of the things if I had the chance to do again I would be is the forefront  to fight against such practices it was so entrenched in Thika High School.”

His first and second year at school saw his grades declined he lost interest in school. However, one day he was suspended and that changed his view on education.

“I started writing anonymous letters to the principal, complaining, we need tea at 10am, there is corruption here…I wrote so many letters until one day the school started investigating  to find out who writes the letters. I would write them and sneak them into the principal’s office, under his door. The letters were objective because I was raising various issues affecting the students. Some how they found out I was the author of those letters. I would sign off as Kiboro. Not as Irungu.”

Kangata was expelled but he went and complained at the Thika education county office and that is how he got a suspension narrowly escaping an expulsion from school.

Since then he started studying hard and he moved from being the bottom student to the best.

Asked about his love for reggae music, Kangata said,

“My interest in reggae music started in standard six and that is where my interest in politics also started, it grew particularly when I was suspended in the university when I became a DJ.”

As a rebel, the lives of Matiba and Kibaki influenced him more so because they were detained and deemed to be revolutionaries.

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“When I was growing up I was a 7th born in a family of 8 I started loving all sorts of music because of my older siblings. There was a popular disco in Muranga called Jack Disco. I would go there and watch people dance. When i got to class 6 is when i started loving reggae music specifically.”

Kangata explained his love for reggae events he continued,

“I have mellowed out more now because i am a family man and age is catching up. I’m now 40 years old but I can tell you when I was a little bit young I was into that kind of musical lifestyle.”

He said he loves music by Peter Tosh

“Peter Tosh. He sings good songs. There is one song that is very inspirational to me. He talks about Africa saying, he will not give up until Africans are free. He says Africa has the poorest race but it is because the slave driver wants to oppress the people. Tosh says for him he is going to fight for the betterment of his people. That is a powerful and positive message.”

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