Annitah Raey
Annitah Raey in studio

Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey has clarified that the reason she walked out of her marriage was to save her life.

As a consequence, she is a single mother.

In addition to that, she is not looking to validate her life by being in a dysfunctional relationship, to please society.

That is something she is very clear on.

‘My biggest fear is that I might not find a man to love me,’ radio host Annitah Raey confesses

Read her opinion piece on the matter. It  was first published on her private social media pages.

“I refused to die for love, I refused to die for a man, I refused to be a statistic. I will not be a name on a cross because I was trying to work on us. I will not leave my kid motherless because I want to please society.

Who said that marriage is patience, who said that I should die working on a relationship.

Raised by a society that teaches us not to talk about our marital problems, that teaches us that its between the both of you and a third or fourth party is a bad idea.

You keep quiet and pray that it will fix itself, that you will learn to live with the beating, the cheating, the emotional distress, the depressions.

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When you have no self esteem left, he has made you feel useless, no other man can love you, you hate your own body, you are not comfortable in your own skin.

Do you know what is means not to want to wake up in the morning, have you ever wished death, wanted to sleep and not wake up in the morning. Have you ever questioned the existence of God and everything heavenly…?

Annitah Raey
Radio Jambo’s presenter Annitah Raey

Wondered if being a woman was such a crime coz this felt like punishment… Forget labour pains, this hurts more, it kills you when you are alive it takes away your soul and leaves you void.

You are dead alive.

After that you ask why we have single mums, you ask why we choose life over death, you ask why we chose to rise after being crushed to death, you ask why we choose our kids over a man, why we choose to be a story not a statistic, why we choose to be an inspiration.

I am a single mum of two kids, I have two different baby daddies, I am a testimony. I am so proud of who I have become…

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Have you seen me and my babies, have you seen how happy I am.. Am glowing, am happy and content…

Annitah RaeyI have fallen so many times, I have hit rock bottom and still managed to wake up. Look at me. Take a good look at me now, am alive and am living.

I have no shame.

I have no regrets.

I have no remorse for leaving you, I feel no shame in in saying I have two kids.

I risk not finding love its okay their love is unconditional…

I risk never getting married, I am divorced, marriage might not be my cup of tea… I risk being shamed and blamed by society, its okay my pride is in my kids..

Annitah RaeyAm not scared of people who are intimidated by my power, by my will to live, by my will to raise my kids right… We step up to raise kids because some man out there decided he is not willing to be responsible enough.

We raise kids alone because some man out there could not stay away from other women.

We raise kids alone because some man out there will not stop beating women.

We raise kids alone because some men out there have decide that ‘Dad’ is a title they don’t wanna have…

I am a single mum of two and that will always be my greatest title.”

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