Lilian Muli
Lilian pregnant

Lillian Muli is remembering the good old days

In preparation for her baby’s impending arrival, her friends made their way to her house to see her. The time was ripe for them to visit and encourage her as she prepared to give birth once again, and they also fed her cravings.

Lilian Muli pregnant

Though she has been a victim of trolls, that has never deterred her from speaking her mind and trust that if you come for her she will definitely meet your heads on.

Lillian Muli even went ahead to start a show on Viu Sasa to share her pregnancy journey and tips for fellow expectant mothers.

Lillian Muli

Taking to social media, Lillian adviced her fans to keep in touch with their childhood friends because they are the ones who were there when you were a work in progress.

She wrote,

“My childhood friends Ciru and Njeri visited me over the weekend. I was sad that we all grew up and went separate ways…sometimes didn’t speak for years; but as we spoke I realized some bonds cannot be broken by time spent apart it’s sad that we subconsciously forget those who were there from the beginning to accommodate newcomers who are only there because they like what the finished product looks like. Remember your childhood friends; they were there when you were a work in progress and they Loved you just as you were. It’s beautiful to make new friends in every season of our lives but they should never take the place of those that knew us and appreciated us when the Potter was still working on us.”

Lilian Muli pregnant

It’s funny how in life you may have lost all form of connections with your old friends and when asked what happened, there is never a solid reason.

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