Rapper Majirani has decided to write a farewell letter to music, his fans and ambitions in the industry. Anarudi ocha.

The singer who is now a stone breaker in various construction sites in the city says, he is done chasing the music dream.

Here is a video that was first posted on the artiste’s social pages before it went viral on Mpasho.


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The long post on his Facebook page details his struggle in trying to make it in the music industry.

“I came to Nairobi hoping life will change after the management gave up, I had to get a house and pay for it, struggled to look for a job last month my house got locked felt so ashamed I couldn’t post about one believes am struggling …Mpasho made it worse when they shared that video of me working in a quarry breaking stones…now everyone is laughing at me I didn’t realize I had soo many haters…”

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Majirani went ahead to say he is done with music and he will be going back to ushago to hustle but not before he releases his last single. The project is still unnamed.

“I have therefore decided to quit, I will be releasing my last song at the end of this month…it will be a goodbye song and dedication to you guys who have been loyal to me, I never came to compete, I came to entertain then make money and help change my family’s financial situation but that didn’t happen…I won’t blame anyone for my woes in the game…I just wanna stop for now…go back to the village start from scratch and be happy …when we meet on the streets please call me Zappy or Tom not Majirani anymore I thank you.”

Check out the rest of the long post on his Facebook page, Zappy Majirani.

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