Sonko vs Millie

Suba MP Millie Odhiambo has vowed to deal with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko accordingly. This is after the controversial governor attacked Millie for being childless.

In a harsh message he posted on his Facebook Page, Sonko didn’t mnce his words while addressing the legislator.

My sister Millie Mabona Odhiambo. In as much as I fight for the rights of the silent majority women who are always major victims in such cases, my response to you is simple. You just said you love s3x and whoever you have it with is none of my business! But you miss my point,’ he wrote in part.


Just the way you have opened your mouth wide in this picture, I am longing for the day you shall open wide your legs to give birth to a child so that you experience the pain that the mothers I am defending go through. You must respect those single mothers who struggle with their kids as men go missing.

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Millie later responded to Sonko, saying she won’t be intimidated by his comments and will put him in the right place.

I hear Sonko has attacked me for being childless. I am proudly childless just like several other women and men. Let us all be proud of our various God-given creations including commas and fullstops

In another post she wrote;

If you are a coward go to the blue tent in the corner. I have dedicated 2 days to deal with the bully. Amezoea wamama sana.

The war has attracted mixed reactions from social media users.

Mc Opuk Jakinda Don’t reason with academic dwarf, you don’t match his league, you match national standard, avoid this brainwashed bimbo

Antony Waswa The way you pick up fights with women everywhere si uvae tu skirt sasa. Nkt. It is important to go to school.

Everlyne Garry Jahkata God of signs and wonder miracle worker remember Hon Millie Mabona.You did it to Hannah when Penina used to teased her for not having child,Lord I see you doing it again to Millie this too much for one person😪😪
Ustadh Okello Kimathi Master hapa umehata, Mungu ndo mpaji wa kizazi/watoto na maisha, na hata saa hii anaeza akakunyang’anya na akampa mwingine… (sio late sana).
#Point: Umechoma, hata heri ungepost video ya ngwati

Beryl Wanga Itindi Fight each other all you want, go for each other’s collars and wigs but keep off wombs and private parts! You both disgust me to the core!! Wuotheeell

Owen Kasiera Majani Eish! Millie serving this beef complete with bone! Sonko needs to call in his rescue team!

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Victor Omari Any politician who plans or declares social media or physical war with Hon Sonko must be ready for casualties. People like Sonko were raised in the backstreet. They have no name to protect, so the best way to win a war you must stay off the lane.Gloves are off

Eric Ochanji  The leaders of the Republic of Kenya. The land of corruption. Awuoro.