Kenyan men on Twitter claim that dating a Nairobi woman is like digging your own grave.

Nairobi women

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Many claim that these city women cheat and are only after deep pockets. A Twitter user identified as Heri Wewe shared his opinions on men dating Nairobi based women.

I weep for guys who their girlfriends are in Nairobi and think they are loyal to them,’ he tweeted.

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Kenyan men flooded his timeline sharing their experiences with Nairobi women and reactions include;

Moraa Nyarangi I saw some shit jana and I really pity some Nairobi boyfriends. Gai Jeso.

Tony Kibash @HeriWewe inauma lakini itabidi uzoee

Ron G The salaried niggas enjoy these yengs like lack of importance.

Federal Chief In a hotel in Nairobi on a night after checking in, came out for dinner then I saw a gorgeous lady in a corner calling me to join her on a table, I turned her down with the grace of God by promising her I was gonna join her later. Use the other route to my room after the meal.

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Daniel Richards You’ve extracted the script from my mouth…..True to your words

George Kayman Been working in the field for quite sometime..Woe unto those men who trust girls working far from them.

Bonface Kiptoo I second the cry

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