Anerlisa and Ben Pol

Rich kid Anerlisa Muigai and Tanzanian bongo star dating in late 2018.

Anerlisa is a scion to the Keroche Breweries wealth and has kept her relationship with Ben Pol very private.

The two are practically married after Ben Pol staked his claim to Anerlisa’s hand in marriage. This was in September last year.

Speaking to Tanzanian media, Ben Pol revealed that he has already meet Anerlisa’s parents and he has paid dowry that is equivalent to “hundred cows”.

If we are to hypothetically come up with a round figure, then we can assume that Ben Pol paid around Ksh 5m if the price of one cow is Ksh 50,000.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Ijumaa newspaper, he added,

“What many do not understand is that when it comes to planning a wedding, privacy should be paramount. Not everything should be announced online. So, I’ll urge those pressurising us to wed to be patient and see what the outcome of our relationship will be. And when we tie the knot, they will still know, given a wedding is something that you can’t do in secrecy.”

Anyhow, Ben Pol added, “We are planning to tie the knot formally and start a family.”


“Currently, I am in the process of putting things right, but if you’re asking if the wedding plans are still on, the answer is: ‘yes, they are’.”

Reminiscing about their first days dating, a blushing Ben Pol revealed,

“I remember we were in Dar es Salaam, where I held her arm, she held mine, I hugged her, she hugged back. I kissed her, she kissed back, and I immediately knew there was chemistry between us.”