Edwin Abonyo husband to the late Bomet governor Joyce Laboso has said that watching Kenyans battling cancer in India was heartbreaking.

Abonyo who had in the past accompanied his wife to India for cancer treatment was speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni.

‘When I was India I met Kenyans battling cancer it was a very sad state of affairs.

to watch them struggling and the stress their families were put through.

There is two particular families I really felt pity for and I paid their bills.

One of the patients later died and I do not know where the second patient is at the moment.’

‘I’ve cried a lot in private,’ Joyce Laboso’s husband opens up on her death

Abonyo added that when the cancer struck a second time they were ready for anything.

‘We were ready because when cancer comes back chances of survival are very rare. She first developed cancer in 1991 and she was treated.

She was going for checkups.’

Joyce Laboso being visited by Raila Odinga while in hospital.

He added,

‘When it came back again we even tried PRPP a nuclear kind of treatment that is new and it’s being used on cancer patients, But even that did not work.’

On what he misses most about his wife Edwin said,

‘The ladies touch in the house, the love and attention but we try by making up for it by being close.’


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