Mercy Masika
Wit her husband

Gospel power couple Mercy Masika and her pastor husband David Muguro have shared their love story and how they met.

Speaking with Samantha’s Bridal the man of God said,

First time I saw Mercy was at a wedding, where I was shooting a video. sHE WAS SINGING there. I wanted to ask her to sing at my wedding she would come to sing the same song she sang.

The award-winning singer gave him her number little did she know one day she would be his wife.

I was a really nice person. I would give my number to people by then. He would send me timely scriptures. I couldn’t remember him because I gave a lot of people my number,’ Mercy said.


Five months later in January 2007 we met. On our first date, we liked each other.

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David said,

That evening I remember I told her I don’t want to be in the public at all but then God does things in his own way.

After a year and a half, the couple then got married. Masika said,

My parents kept telling me I should get married within one year if I met someone. In six months you should be done if you’re sure because taking time is not good for Christians.

Her husband echoed her remarks saying,

However long you take [to get married] there’s nothing new you’re going to learn about this person.

Talking about their vision, Mercy said,

Our vision was to get married, have kids and serve God.

The best thing about marriage is when you’re able to work together in purpose, where you seek God together.

Mercy Masika and family
Mercy Masika and family

Married for nine years now, the couple is blessed with two kids. Mercy revealed her take on why marriages never last long.

A lot of mariages fail when you are doing totally different things. Because if you’re in East and your partner is in West both of you meet a lot of people. I think it’s good to work together. We’re the best of friends because we go through the ups and downs together.

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They walked down the aisle a few years ago and Mercy said;

The vows, I was a bit numb. I was shaking. I used to say I’ll never cry … watu wanalianga nini… can’t you contain yourself? I cried the whole time. I don’t know why I did. I can’t tell. I think it is spiritual.

Their marriage hasn’t been rosy and they’ve gone through up and downs.

Our first fights I don’t remember but I recall there’s a time I packed and I was going home and then he came and talked to me.

But what really shocked me was now we’re married, I have to cook, while he is watching TV. I was like ‘aaih it’s too much’ He wants to be a king. It was very challenging for me.

The Nikupendeze hitmaker was forced to undergo mentorship classes

I had packed three times and after mentorship class with Rev Kathy Kiuna that’s when I settled.

I didn’t understand submission, I was depressed about it. Funny enough I was in church and didn’t follow what submission was and we were being taught what to do. I would speak up how I think with no editing so it was challenging.

Mercy Masika
Mercy Masika with her husband David Muguro

Things were tough during their first days of marriage.

Didn’t want to get angrier. We had a big issue because I would argue with her. I would get angry but didn’t want to get angrier because I had vowed to God that I never raise a finger towards my wife. sO I would stop and assume it never happened which I learnt later was suicide – slow puncture. If I had continued with that it would have erupted in on way or another I thank God for being in christ because when she went for counseling she actually helped me understand what it was.

The mother of two since then learnt to be submissive and life has been great.

She said,

Submission doesn’t make you less. I’ve also learnt that I don’t have to win every battle. When things become worse I just pray and it works my way. My faith has grown. I see things work more with prayer and believe in God. It [prayer] may take time but I’ve seen God work through prayer.

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