DJ Mo and Size 8 serve us couple goals.

DJ Mo and Size 8

The power couple is among the few celebrities working with local brands and their lifestyle is a clear indication that they’re milking money from these brands.

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Size 8 and DJ Mo were guests on the Wicked Edition, which is aired on NTV every Friday and they talked about the challenges they have faced in marriage.

They narrated how their marriage almost ended after having a misunderstanding. The Mateke hit singer revealed that she once walked out on her husband.

There is this day I packed my bags and left (my matrimonial home). I was angry and went on to make an emotional decision which I later realized was wrong. I thought about it and decided to come back even though there was embarrassment written all over my face at the time.

She added that:

Nothing is easy in life and even in marriage. It is about remaining mature because the best thing here is that keeps no grudges.

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The popular spinmaster also confessed on walking out of their home on a few occasions.

There is this time we argued, and I just left the house and started driving. I drove until Limuru (about 50km from Nairobi) and then decided to turn around and come back home. Looking back I had thought of driving to America through Uganda.

Last year in March, rumor went round that the couple had parted ways after DJ Mo allegedly cheated but Size 8 came out to dispel the rumor.

She told;


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