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Is there trouble in paradise? Barely a month after Joseph Kner, an Italian man proposed to Nairobi Diaries reality star, things seem to have gone south.

Pendo engaged

The mzungu, who has a Kenyan baby mama identified as Elizabeth Waithera Maina is well known locally. Not so long ago, Joseph took to social media to savagely attack his baby mama bragging on how he couldn’t sponsor his her. He even advised her top look for another sponsor.

Joseph Kner

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Well, Pendo’s mzungu has taken to social media to beg his baby mama for forgiveness after a nasty break up and wants them to be a good example to their daughter.

Hey the nation . After a long dispute and thinking, I guess its time that I officially apologize to Elizabeth Waithera Maina with who I was married to and was planning to divorce her.

Pendo's new bae

He added;

Emotions were high but the most important is that our daughter Chloe is well and i know Elizabeth will take good care of Chloe as she did before. Lets close that chapter and everyone live a happy life. We still are parents both but we dont have to argue. When you do a mistake in life you should also be able to say sorry after you recognize it . And i am sorry Elizabeth . Lets just live out lives and our daughter will look up to us as good parents. I suggest everyone who has children to not make them pay for our mistakes.

Check out reactions ;

Gabrielly B. Solbakken Joseph as a friend I can tell you are acting like a foolish.

And the mother is acting by the impulse, heart full of anger,and hate, what future will that little girl have from this turbulent, caos,unfished , shamelessly relationship? Where the parents dosent respect eachother . And dont expect that others will come and rescue you guys from this shame. Cause it will not happen, you BOTH must stop been so SELFISH

Petra Schmid l Would be great if you as a spanish boy as you call yourself, pay your debts !!!!

Gabrielly B. Solbakken You both should be ashame, have both no shame to use a kid like that , she’s so little , and you guys dragging her into your mess, YOU need to move ON and the mother need to get OVER you. A mother that use a kid to punish a man for his behaviour have NO my respect.

A guy /father that let such a situation like that get this far , in my opnion should grow up more .

And in my opnion, if you cant learn from this comment and handle it like a adult , then I guess non of you are grow up enough to handle the little problems in the adult world.

To be a parent in my point of view , are way to far from what you guys think.

Me I have 2 kids myself that i rased all by myself . His 19 now , and trust me to be a parent goes a whole alot far from what you guys its seems to know.

Be a parent its about ,give our kids good education, place where they call home and feel safe, loads of love and care , but above of all as a parent you MUST show them RESPECT , and you both are abusing this space of your own kid.