Kangemi Catholic Parish got the rare opportunity to host Pope Francis on his Kenyan tour as he presided over a historic mass in the popular slums at St.Joseph the Worker Catholic Church.

Sites And Sounds At Kangemi Catholic Parish As Pope Francis Presides Over Historic Mass

Amidst all this joy and jubilation, there lies worry and sadness in some of the faithful, who claim that the Father in charge, by the name Pascal Mwijage is a womaniser and a hypocrite.

The accusers claim that they have suffered long enough under the hands of the Kangemi Priest, who is Tanzanian, and even requested him not to be allowed near His Holiness The Pope, adding that the priest loves women.

One of the accusers actually presented documentary evidence with the said priest in a comprising situation with some women. The man presented a compact disc (CD) which had romantic photos of the said father to The Nairobian.

A youth member of the church also accused the Priest of snatching his girlfriend after she landed a job with the Church’s secretariat, but he later confronted her and they talked about it.

Another man from the church actually confessed that he saw it with his own eyes. This is what he told the newspaper:

I found father Pascal in compromising situation with a Catholic Sister. I simply shut the door and left

With all these allegations and even photo evidence, the Priest, Pascal Mwijage, has come out to deny that he is a womaniser, only that he is being targetted for money.