Lilian Muli

Lillian Muli has spoken publicly for the first time about her altercation with a waitress at a popular club in Nairobi.

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The Citizen TV news anchor revealed that she suffered depression adding that she couldn’t eat nor sleep because of the nasty things people were saying about her.

Lillian said she tried turning a deaf ear to the cyber-bullies and went to work believing that everything would get back to normal in a short time.

On Thursday that week, she was supposed to sit in for her colleague Anne Kiguta and read the prime time news.

After hosting the news, Lillian said her fever shot up to crazy levels adding that she would cry in the house alone.

“I was crying, in the house alone sick: but I had to go to work. I told God to give me strength because everyone expected me not to do it, but I had to prove that I could,” Lillian said as quoted by eDaily.

She later visited a Nairobi hospital where the doctors asked her to break from work so that she can be admitted and observed for anxiety attack. But she wanted to keep working.

All in all, the sultry lass said she learnt a great lesson from her experience; that she can not lose her temper or say certain things in public.

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