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A city man has been slammed for making demeaning remarks about his wife’s body.

The married man, wrote to a relationship expert, saying he no longer has feelings for his wife because she has stretch marks all over her body after giving birth.

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He admitted to cheating on his wife because of the stretch marks, saying they put him off.

Have bee cheating on my wife and I am happy.
We are not intimate since February. After giving birth she has stretch marks all over her body. Am not interested anymore.

Today is my wife’s birthday and I have no choice but try to have sex with her. Her honeypot is rough. After giving birth, she has changed. She’s not the woman I met before she gave birth. I’ not happy. Everytime we have lungula I have to masturbate the remaining sperm out,’ he wrote.

The man has been bashed online and some of the comments include;

babsontemmy You are the reason why Jesus wept’

iykedgame You need a second wife

allen_kingsley She is your Wife, You put her in that way, You got her pregnant, Her body changed because She had your own Child. And now after she has gone through this, this is how you repay her ? Where is the Love?

jberryswt You have a serious mental problem poster. Can’t you be reasonable for once? Since you already hate her body, you can as well hate the child that caused the stretch marks.

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a_kharmey I reject this kind of man in Jesus Name😭

ogemodelelect Ladies let’s pray against this kind of husbands. May we not be unfortunate in Jesus mighty name

onome You have failed as a Husband!

xokalled When you marry a woman because of her body

derekricky The stupid man of all time forgot your mother had the same stretch marks when she had you. You forgot she sacrificed her body to have your kid. but instead of you to appreciate a woman that gives life to your kid you are all on joro with your ignorance.

iam_nabby Men like this deserves to be locked up inside Fanta bottle in the village 😂🤣😂 but you married her when she was flawless

big_stan At your age, still stupid. So because she gave birth she’s no longer attractive? Your own kind of stupid is in small letters.

petezslims You are a fool sir

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talkbackwithchidera At your age you are supposed to be matured enough to know that childbirth changes a woman. She had that child because of you. I wish she will really see you for who you are.

cosmosmontana And you have forgotten that the stretch marks on her body, the rough virginal and all you complain of are the ultimate prizes she paid for giving you a child that’s answer your surname you evil man why don’t you clean her up and makes her even more beautiful than how she was before NONSENSE

myfathers_daughter Why not take her for spa treatment…spend that money on your wife make her look the way she did when you married her…she went through hell to have your baby and this is what you do to her

shapeupwith_mrsmurphy If you have a daughter, do you think you’d want a man like you to be her husband?

perfumebytormie something must be wrong with you, the child is not yours also abi, later they will say children love their mother than father, see the emotional torture this man is making his wife go through, the children grow old to notice all this without anyone telling them.