Simon and Sarah Kabu
Simon and Sarah Kabu

Bonfire Adventures boss Sarah Kabu has in a social media post confessed that it took a lot of will for her not to fall for sponsors back in the day.

Sarah who is now the boss of Kenya’s leading tour and travel company says,

At 22 years when I started working as an intern and managed to pay for my first trip to 14 falls through a church youth group.

Sarah Kabu

Kukonda nayo😍 when I would visit shags mum used to shed tears akiniona and wonder if am sick. it was a tough time hustling in this city but my smile never faded coz I knew my day is coming.

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Sarah adds that her values kept her in check

I never compromised my values dating old dirty sponsors like college slay queens do nowadays. them days they used to be called tushungwa na sugar daddy’s. I used to survive on one meal a day that is dinner big ugali or rice. Day time snacks were mostly sweets, biscuits ,mandazi chapati and bread...

In conclusion, Sarah sarcastically adds,


Sarah is married to Simon Kabu and they have two kids.