The Jigger campaign and project ambassador, Cecilia Mwangi has for the longest time been involved in a love triangle between Danson Mungatana and Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

Cecilia conceived a baby girl with Danson Mungatana and the story was that she was allegedly a co-wife to Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

Cecilia Mwangi

She went to a local TV show and addressed the issue once and for all. She did say she was never a co-wife but people just like to talk and for her, she wasn’t ready to just answer to everyone.

cecilia mwangi

She said:

People will always tell their stories and you know what, Cecilia does not have time to keep justifying, I have 2.6 million with jigger infestation people who look up to me and those are more serious things than following people who are yapping on me on social media. Take the high road, you don’t have to answer to every barking dog!” She said.

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So even with the scandal and people talking about it, people will now be aware she was never a co-wife.
I mean being a co-wife means you’re married and so she was not!

She said:

Don’t put marriage in the picture. Co-wife means marriage and marriage means a ring.

Cecilia Mwangi

She said that the fact that the father of the child is not present doesn’t really affect the baby girl because well he was never there and so she hasn’t missed anything.

She explained if he was present and he provided a few things that she lacks now that would be a problem. But he doesn’t.

Cecilia Mwangi

She always tells her daughter that God is her father and that God is everyone’s father.

That was her parting shot at the end of that conversation that God will always be there when it comes to raising a child as a single mother.