Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows
Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows are a perfect match for TV. Christened Kenya’s most powerful media ‘couple’, the two presenters always leave their fans entertained when on or off air. They share videos from the production room to the studio where they chat on different matters.

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Well, Dennis Okari has been away for quite a number of days after getting married. Last week, he was in Malaysia with his wife Naomi Joy for their honeymoon.


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Well yesterday after the 9PM bulletin, Okari shared a video where he was conversing with his co-host and he confessed that he had indeed missed her. Dennis, who’s now a husband also talked about having to rush home, probably to fulfill his duties as the man of the house.

Its good to be back. I’ve got to run home early. I had missed you (Olive).

She responded:

I had missed you too for sure.

Earlier on before they went on air, Olive Burrows also shared a video welcoming Okari back to the studio and captioned it:

Guess who’s back..

In the video, Okari confesses that he has gained weight, maybe because he has someone to take care of him now.

HAKI NASKIA nimenona. I feel fat.

The journalists in the room go ahead to tell him its true that he has added weight although Olive refutes saying he’s still the same.

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Guess who's back…

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Okari and Burrows fans reacted to this, with many asking Okari why he rushed to come back to work instead of spending more time with his wife.

jerajaber Lakini mbio ya kurudi ilikua nini buda…😑

ntinyari_rutere He has, a little. Anakaa amelishwa vizuri honeymoon @dennisokari 😘😜

manassehemirates Deep down, can tell you both have some chemistry

iamnelima Hehehe nyinyi mulidissapoint online in-laws hehehehe,its good to have him back,wish him well in his marriage

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sue_koffianna Olive Burrows I thank God for ladies like you and I, we don’t catch feelings we catch flights.😁..hope to see you together…. I mean for the news. Deno welcome back 😊
thtgoddess wow 😊 😍 our couple is back on air

ladywood_sue 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Amenona somehow
bexmash This Kissii man sexy af 😍

wathiarimoh @oliveburrows and @edmondnyabola were busy serving looks and smiles past weekend in kirikanyaga..u make a good duo but si kuliko na @dennisokari “husband to my joy”😂nawapenda bure

mutua_moreen Welcome back, let me say you have a good taste of choosing kamba ladies… A true Kisii man… Let me visit my ancestors to tell me more about kamba and kisii combination. I will be back am gone too.
milliebusena Tutaambia nini watu wenye tulidhani utaoa huyu😂😂🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

winnie_chesang His voice though🙌welcome back Okari

nancyde_brownskin Kumbe Okari hucheka😆😆

In his latest message, Okari advised people to stick to God and anything will work for them. He wrote:

There are no coincidences, accidents or experiments with God. Your life is not a lab test, your situation is not a class lesson. God has thoughts concerning you right now. Only way to find out is through the Word and prayer. #BeTransformed#BeRenewed#EverythingJesus with God.

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