Mariam Kigenda

John Wambua watched in the news as his wife, Mariam Kighenda and his daughter, Amanda Mutheu who were trapped alive in their car, emerged from the watery grave, dead.

Mariam and Amanda were the victims of Likoni Ferry tragedy after their car slid into the Indian Ocean. They were discovered in the back seat of the car in a tight embrace.

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Mariam KigendaReminiscing about his wife, Wambua said, “Mariam was loving, God-fearing, jovial, forgiving and welcoming.”

Adding, “She was hardworking. She used to manage our farm in Msambweni,” he said, fighting back tears.

Wambua and Mariam were parents to two children, Amanda, 4 and Alvin, 10.

The grivieng father remembered Amanda as a “jovial, moody but a very sweet girl” whom he “was attached to”. 

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Wambua said that her a big loss not only to him but her classmates at M.M Shah Academy, Mombasa.

“Teachers, parents and her classmates are heartbroken,”  Wambua said. “It is a big loss to me and the whole family. I loved my wife and she loved me too.”


Family members are meeting to make burial arrangements. Mariam and Amanda’s postmortem will be carried out today.

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