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A Kenyan woman identified as Carolyne Wacuka Njihia has narrated how she unknowingly met her husband’s mpango in a salon while at work.

She met her ex at her place of work. Speaking during an interview with a local station ‘Hungura TV’, she said

‘I met my customer at my place of work place where I work as a beautician.

When he came I thought he was a customer but the more he continued coming the more I was convinced he was after something else.

He eventually told me he was interested in me. We dated for three months and started life.

He was 48, 

I had told him that I had a son from the previous relationship and he was ok with that.’

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What she was not prepared for was the warning from her mother-in-law.

‘One day his mum came and met me at his place. He asked me if I knew that I was the fourth wife.

She told me that what had made the other women leave is exactly what would make me leave.

When I asked my husband he convinced me that my mother-in-law was a witch.

When I was three months pregnant with his child, he started beating me and he would even do it within the neighbors vicinity.

He would even beat me with a plastic chair until it broke.’


‘He had a temper but he only showed me that when I got pregnant for him.

One day he came home around 5:00 am, went to my son’s bedroom ,took my son and threw him on the floor.

He told my son that he should even be taken back to where he came from, that ‘yeye sio baba yake.’.

We slept at his mum’s place that day. His mother had tried warning me so many times mpaka akachoka.

When I delivered, one day he came home and found that I had gone out without his permission.

That day I slept out in a maize plantation after he found me breastfeeding and started beating me.’

Carol added

‘He said that I had disrespected him. I lied on the baby. I have so many stab wounds.

He threw a glass and it accidentally hit my new born. Luckily he did not have any internal bleeding but he has a permanent scar. 

My first born son got trauma from those incidents. We still go to Kenyatta for mental checkups.’

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Unknown to Carol she was about to meet her husband’s mpango wa kando in the most unlikely places.

‘I decided to go work in the nearest town so that I could get some little cash. While working at a friends salon I met a customer and we started speaking.

She bragged about how she had two men in her life, a sponsor and a suitor who wanted to marry her.

She talked about how he had even sent her 3K ya salon,yet my hair looked very unkempt. I was pregnant and did not even have clothes for when my kid was born.

When she showed us the photos I was very shocked as the ‘sponsor’ was my husband.

The customer and I went to where she was to meet my husband and he was very shocked to see me.

Out of anger he started beating me and that is when tables turned against him,akapigwa na mob.’

Even though she later left him, after that incident she still stuck around as she did not want her marriage to fail.

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