In 2014, celebrated gospel singer Emmy Kosgei finally said “I Do” to the man of her dreams, flamboyant Nigerian pastor Apostle Anselm Madubuko, in an invite-only glamorous wedding ceremony. Many went on to spread hateful comments about the power couple, claiming that Emmy Kosgei had married a very old man but as they say, love is blind and two years down the line, the two lovebirds are still going strong and one can easily tell they are happy together.

Well, after months of silence, Emmy Kosgei has come out to reveal why she married her rich Nigerian pastor husband, and not a Kenyan man. In an interview with The Sun, the award-winning gospel singer revealed that she has been facing a lot of challenges career-wise since moving to Nigeria, but her husband has always supported her.
“It’s not easy, because it’s entirely a different ball game in Nigeria,” Said Emmy.

And this has made things much easier for her.

“He understands my music, he respects the people’s love for me and he has always supported me. And he has always given me the platform and opportunity to grow in my career. “’

When asked why she got married to Pastor Madubuko, Emmy Kosgei narrated how
they became friends (this was after he invited her to an event in the UK) and it was during the time when the flamboyant pastor’s wife had passed on. The Taunet Nelel hitmaker revealed that she is happily married to Madubuko and that she doesn’t regret anything.

“He loves me genuinely gives me reason to stay in love with him.”