Pastor Ng’ang’a has revealed that contrary to what people say, he is a man who runs lots of businesses. Adding that this is what funds his flashy lifestyle.

Ng’ang’a has in the past blasted Kenyans who accused him of ‘eating’ church offerings at the expense of his followers.

I started carrying goods with a mkokoteni, in Mombasa. I was later given Ksh 500 by a woman from Church and changed my business from mkokoteni to selling mangoes in Bombolulu.

‘Nobody can bring me down!’ Shouts Pastor Ng’ang’a

One customer told me he had a bicycle and bought it and started using it, later I bought a motorbike and later a car. I had a shop that I gave out in 1995 when I became a full time minister.

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Pastor Ng’ang’a went on to advise Kenyans that it is paramount for people to validate their accusations before throwing them at people.

When people see someone with a good car they automatically assume you bought it using the offering.

People do not ask how someone reached where he is.

There are blessings There are people who have a calling and those that are not called.

If God has called you he will bless you, he cannot use you to spread his gospel and then dump you like a used broom.

Pastor Ng’ang’a

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Pastor Ng’ang’a adds that apart from preaching he is involved in other businesses.

Last year but one I harvested 560 bags of maize, I have a hotel that has almost 90 cubicles.

I had lorries that I used to bring things from China but I closed it down as it was not doing so well.

People accuse me without getting my side of the story.

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