Matatu industry is characterized by inhuman, cruel, unkind, untidy and don’t care creatures. Matatu crews are believed to be not so bright minds, but there’s a new crop of young men and women who have come out to disprove this notion and Lucia Murotto is among the few.

Lucia Murotto

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Popularly referred to as the mzungu tout/conductor, Lucia Muroto was born and raised in Kenya by Italian parents and attended some of the most prestigious schools in Kenya.

“I went to Rusinga primary school in Nairobi, and then later joined st George’s Girls secondary. School life was good and I got an average of B plain in KCSE, then later studied pharmacy course at Amref,” she said during an interview with Mathree Magazine. 

Lucia Murotto, a mother of one, revealed that she used to travel a lot using matatus while still in school and admired them but her parents were not for the idea of her becoming a conductor.

“At first they were not for it and did not like the idea but later realized it’s my passion and with time accepted.”

Lucia Murotto

She went ahead to explain why she loves the job and she said:

“I love this job because I’m social and I meeting new people makes me happy.”

Lucia Murotto

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The mzungu tout, who works with Kitengela bound matatus, started working in this industry since 2015 and she disclosed that the job pays well compared to some white collar jobs.

“The pay is good.I make sh2,500 per day during low seasons but even sh3,000 on better days,” Lucia said.

Lucia Murotto

Adding that:

“The job is not easy especially if you’re in a relationship.  For instant by 4 am you should be out of the house and maybe sometimes you arrive home at midnight when you’re tired and this at times leads to conflicts. I remember my relationship didn’t work because of this job,” she narrated.

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Lucia Murotto, has also worked with Rongai and Eastleigh matatus and refers to her colleagues her second family.

“Best part is my crew. They are good people to be with. They understand me. They are my second family. Whenever I go to work in low spirits, they will do whatever it takes to put a smile on my face,” said the mother of one.

Lucia Murotto

Credits: Mathree Magazine 

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