Tanzanian star Vanessa Mdee is now dating “Power” actor Rotimi. Recently, Mdee posted a photo while accompanying her beau to the Tyler Perry Studios where he is believed to be shooting a new movie.

Well, we got hold of a clip Rotimi shot in 2017 with Essence. Here, the star explains his romance preferences.

When asked which part in a woman he loves the most, he says “The A*s”. Talking about the se3iest place to make love, Rotimi revealed

“I made love on top of the mountain in Alabama and we would have died if we moved 5 inches to the left or 5 inches to the right, it was like the edge of the cliff. And it was the most passionate thing.”


He says confidence in women is what turns him on and makes him seduce-able. Perhaps, that’s what attracted him to Mdee.


Vanessa Mdee

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He says he wears absolutely nothing to bed and that it doesn’t matter whether lights are on or off.