Corazon Kwamboka with Gaetano

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka is single.

Corazon Kwamboka

The well-endowed socialite-cum-lawyer has parted ways with her  Caucasian boyfriend. Kwamboka introduced her mzungu bae to the online community last year in March and they have been serving us couple goals. Many thought they were going to get married soon but that’s not going to happen.

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The bootylicious socialite has come out to confirm that they’ve parted ways and the main reason is the long distance between them. Corazon’s ex Gaetano lives in Italy while she resides in Kenya. Corazon revealed that she loved Gaetano but the long distance couldn’t allow them to be together.

Corazon Kwamboka

Her message read:

I loved this guy! But the distance just couldn’t allow us to be together, it’s been tough and we were not happy. The funny thing is the last day I was with him in April, I made a video on my Instagram asking guys for advice on how to survive a long distance relationship, after endless struggle and fights for little things because we were both agitated about everything coz we missed each other, we finally decided to quit.

Kwamboka added a\that she was taking a break from dating and was now ready to focus on her career.

I’m single and happy, focusing on myself and law practice. I’m sure I will find love and when it’s real; it will be easy.

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