Baha and Georgina

Machachari star Tyler Mbaya aka Baha is head over heels in love with his babe Georgina Njenga.

The two have been displaying their affection for each other on social media and who knows, they might walk down the aisle soon.

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The petite figured lass has penned a sweet message to Baha, describing him as the one meant for her.

‘Sometimes I wake up wondering what I ever did to deserve you🥺🖤❤️in you I found a best friend and a reason why🥺Thankyou for being the Prince charming I never thought I’d find🙏🏿Thank Kayou for always supporting me in everything and understanding the annoying side🥰I love you so much baby😪I wish everyone would see the side of you they don’t know☺️☺️but I’m also glad they don’t see it because all girls would fall for you😂😂😂.’


The actor-cum-artiste responded to her message and he wrote,

You Complete Me in every way possible na Sidhani I’ll ever stop appreciating you for Loving the shit out of me🥰😘

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Check out latest photos of the couple

Baha and Georgina Baha and Georgina Baha and Georgina Baha and Georgina Baha and Georgina

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