Guardian Angel

24-year-old gospel artiste Guardian Angel whose real name is Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka is known for great inspiring songs.

The Hadithi hitmaker has been trending for the better part of this week after introducing his 50-year-old girlfriend Esther Musila to the online community.

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Guardian Angel has been criticised by a section of Kenyans for dating someone older than him while others supported him. After all age is just but a number.

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Well, the singer has responded to critics and he posted a message on his Instagram account which read,

I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. #lovewins❣.

He added,

Sometimes the most difficut sacrifice is to abandon the comfortable mediocrity f who we are and embrace the beautiful fear of who we’re meant to be.


Gurdian Angel


Esther, a mother of three commented on Guardian’s post and she wrote,

I am more proud of you. #Lovewins❣❣.

Guardian replied on her comment and publicly declared his love for her.

‘I love you ❣❣😊’ he posted.

Gurdian Angel

He also revealed that he was dropping a new jam soon,

‘Meet the 24 (😂🤷‍♀️)year old who has a passion to sing for God. Mimi na wewe mpaka mwisho Mungu wangu,’ he wrote.

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Guardian’s supporters are happy for him and beow are some of the comments;

daronimeh Do you brother, let them see you win and win some more for his glory.

ianobyz Bro you’re happy and you feel in spirit it is okay and God is okay then never mind anyone even your siblings. The greatest thing is to know that you and the Holy Spirit are cool and that’s it.

4913caroline Totally agree with you, are you a hap py guy??? That’s all that matters in this world…keep it tight n enjoy

peterkimondo66 She is very beautiful and looks classy. Compatibility is what matters. Congs for a hot catch.

naomimuuo And that is all that matters.#love wins

catepeter_aly Am proud of you too man!live life be happy

justineakerty What matters is your happiness bro.I will only be disappointed when you stop blessing us with good music. Keep shining watu hawajui umepitia u bro

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