Zarina posing
Zarina posing

Zari is a smart woman.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Zari talked about her children, business and relationship with her new man.

Zari Hassan

The 38-year-old businesswoman, who has been in Tanzania since Friday said her main purpose for the visit was for charitable causes. Talking about her warm welcome by Tanzanians, she said;

It’s been overwhelming. Their love is too much. I didn’t expect it.

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When asked about when she was getting married, she said;

No comment. I don’t want to speak about our relationship.

She refused to give details about her mysterious man saying their relationship was confidential.

Zari Hassan with new lover
Mange says that Zarina is lying about having a new lover

When asked if she was going to have another child, Zari responded saying;

Why not? I’m going to get married and my man [King Bae] has one child only. But if it turns out I DON’T WANT to give birth, there are always other ways. I use a surrogate.

So what gender?

I would love to have twins; maybe a boy and girl.


Money can buy anything these days.


If God answers her prayers, then Zari will be a mother of seven.

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When asked if she would go back to singing, she said;

No, I’m focusing on making money so that I become a billionaire. Music takes a lot of time before you can actually earn from it especially here in Africa unlike in America.

She added;

Down here for one to acquire that international status is so difficult. I will just stick to business and take care of my family.

Would she consider featuring in a video or movie?

Video vixen – I’m past that stage. For movies, I’ve had a lot of offers but the pay is not good plus it requires a lot of time including spending days away from home.

But if I get a good offer for a movie why not? I’m very talented. I can multitask. I’m a mum, businesswoman, I used to be a musician… I can do it all. I can still be an actress.

Zari in white
The socialite in white

She is currently working on finalizing three other major deals with Tanzania based companies.

Her followers were mesmerized by the interview and some of their comments include;

Mutio Monicah Wise woman knowing what she is after big up mama T

Abdallah Mohamed At least today you shared something honest ❤️🥰 thanks for telling us how you do it 🙌🏻 today you have inspired me a lot Zari

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Chris Lane A strong woman 👩 a #creative woman, #smart, #jenius you inspire me every single day keep creating 🙏❤️ 🌟

Rose Amal I love the way you answered the questions. So professional